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AULIS is part of the central services at Hochschule Bremen. The system is used as platform for access to knowledge resources, educational media and for cooperation online. It supports classroom lectures and e-learning as well. Students and teachers have equal permission rights to design and use their learning environments.

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Please note:
Some user accounts in AULIS have been installed incomplete between 04 and 24 Sept 2016.If you should miss the link to the repository in the main AULIS menue or if a click on the mail-button returns this error report:
" ilTree::getNodeData(): No node_id given!"
then please get in contact with the MMCC, in order to adjust your account.

With questions about AULIS please contact the Media Competence Center (MMCC):
Dr. Ulrike Wilkens, Ulrike.Wilkens@hs-bremen.de, Fon: +49-(0)421-5905 5458
Ralf-Peter Balke, Ralf-Peter.Balke@hs-bremen.de, Fon: +49-(0)421-5905 5471

AULIS is based on
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