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Regulations for Use of the Information Processing Systems of the Bremen University of Applied Sciences
On October 12, 1998, the academic senate of the University of Applied Sciences of Bremen adopted the following regulations for the use of the information processing systems of the University of Applied Sciences of Bremen.


The Bremen University of Applied Sciences (UAS Bremen) and its institutions (operato orsystem operato) operate an informationprocessing infrastructure (IP infrastructure) consisting of data processing equipment (computers), communication systems (networks) and further auxiliary IP facilities. The IP infrastructure is integrated in the German scientific network and accordingly in the world-wide Internet.The regulations for use specified below regulate the conditions under which the IP services can be used.

§ 1 Ambit

These regulations apply to the IP infrastructure provided by UAS Bremen and its institutions.

§ 2 User Category and Responsibilities

(1) The operators IP infrastructure is at the disposal of the members of UAS Bremen and beneficiary institutes of UAS Bremen for the fulfilment of their responsibilities in the areas of research, teaching, administration, training and further training, public relations work and publicity as well as other responsibilities described in the Bremen Higher Education Act.

(2) Other persons and institutions may be granted permission to use the system.

§ 3 Formal Authorization for Use

(1) The prerequisite for the use of the operators IP resources is the formal authorization for use, to be applied for from the responsible system operator. Services provided for anonymous access (e.g. information services, library services, temporary guest ID codes for conferences) are exempt from this prerequisite.

(2) The system operator

  • for central systems is the computer center (CC);
  • for decentralized systems is the respective responsible organizational unit (department, institute, operational unit or other organizational unit of UAS Bremen))
(3) The application for formal authorization for use shall contain the following information :
  • operator/institute or organizational unit from which the authorization for use is being applied for,
  • the facilities for which the authorization for use is being applied for,
  • applicant: name, address, telephone number, student registration number where applicable, affiliation with an organizational unit of the UAS Bremen where applicable,
  • estimated purpose of use (e.g. research, training/teaching, administration),
  • declaration of consent to comply with entries for the UAS Bremen information services (e.g. X.500),
  • declaration of users recognition of the Regulations for Use and of his/her consent to the acquisition and processing of personal data.
The system operator may request further information only to the extent necessary for the approval of the application.

(4) The responsible system operator decides on the approval/rejection of the application. He may make the granting of authorization for use contingent on proof of certain knowledge about the use of the system.

(5) The authorization for use can be denied if

  • there is no apparent guarantee that the applicant will fulfil his obligations as a user;
  • the capacity of the equipment whose use is being applied for does not suffice for the intended use due to the already existing rate of utilization;
  • the applicants intentions are not compatible with the purposes according to § 2(1) and § 4(1)
  • the respective equipment is clearly unsuited to the intended mode of use or is reserved for special purposes;
  • the equipment in question is connected to a network which must satisfy special data protection requirements and no substantive reason for the intended access is evident, or
  • the use applied for will foreseeably disturb other authorized uses in an inappropriate manner.
(6) The authorization for use entitles the user to carry out work related to the use uthorization for use entitles the user to carry out work related to the use applied for only.

§ 4 Obligations of User

(1) The operators IP resources may be used for the purposes specified in § 2 (1) only. Utilization for other purposes, particularly those of a commercial nature, can only be permitted upon application and against payment.

(2) The user is obligated to use the existing operation facilities (workplaces, CPU capacity, hard disk space, data line capacity, peripheral equipment and expendable material) in a responsible and economically sensible manner and to follow the instructions of the operators personnel. In particular, the user is obligated to refrain from any action that causes impairments to the operation to the extent that such impairments are foreseeable and, to the best of his/her knowledge, to avoid any action which can cause damage to the IP infrastructure or other users. The user shall report any malfunctions of the system to the system operator immediately.

(3) The user shall refrain from all abusive use of the IP infrastructure. In particular, he/she is obligated :

  • to protect access to the IP resources by third parties by using a confidential password or corresponding method;
  • to work exclusively with user codes which he/she has been granted permission to use;
  • to take precautions to prevent unauthorized access to the IP resources; in particular to avoid the use of simple, easy-toguess passwords, to change the passwords frequently and to carry out a logout upon comple